Internet marketing guidelines

Internet marketing is the use of the web to market and advertise products or services. It focuses on a larger market available all over the world. For any business person, the most important thing is to generate sales while incurring minimal cost. Most businesses have websites that help them increase consumer awareness. Others even use the social media e.g Facebook, to generate more sales. Other methods are mobile marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing.

Businessman writing SEO process diagram, Internet concept

Whichever method the entrepreneur chooses to use, he/she should be ready to compete extensively in regards to quality of the product or service and in pricing.

Building an efficient internet market involves:

1. Creating strong relationships. Potential consumers are known to like adequate and reliable information. It is important to handle them well and answer their questions in time. Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you will need some help in managing the customers’ traffic so as to be efficient. Ensure you are the known solution provider for that specific product. This keeps them coming back to you and eventually they buy your product. They will also spread the word and you will get referrals without noticing.

2. Deliver great content. Ensure the product you sell is the exact one you advertised. Do not change the make for your own selfish advantage hoping that the customer will not know or take legal action against you.This can tarnish your name in no time if the customer writes a bad review. No one will trust you anymore and you will be out of business. Delivery should be made in time and in case of any delays, ensure that you discuss this with the buyer to avoid any misunderstandings.

3. Pricing. The price you allocate for your product or service should be worthy. Do not exaggerate in order to get abnormal profit margins while oppressing the consumer. This will help you not to lose customers when your competitor targets your customers. It is likely your customers will be loyal to you. Once in a while give your customers offers as long as you have a strategic plan that will increase your sales.

Compared to offline ads, this marketing method is cheaper and it’s easier to create personal relationships with different people in the global market. It is easier to get feedback as an entrepreneur which enables you improve in the business. It’s easier to track a customer in case you send them ads, to avoid repetition. Ensure you are well versed with the new internet market trends always.

Selling Your Startup Idea to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors


Scouting for prospective angel investors and venture capitalists who’ll take the initiative to invest in your startup has always been harrowing and it is getting harder with every passing day. However, the emergence of new platforms and technologies have smoothened the entire process of seeking funds to a considerable extent. Presently, not only are there innumerable modes of getting a startup off the ground but also different means to source adequate funding for the same.

There used to be a time when investors born with a golden spoon in their mouths used to rule the roost in the venture capital realm. Eventually, smart businesspeople that made their money by cutting their teeth in the cutthroat commercial world demonstrated sufficient willingness to fund new-age innovators and entrepreneurs at the earlier stages. And the realm of venture capital now has become more eclectic with the advent of crowdfunding platforms thereby adding a new layer or dimension to startup financing.

Relevance of mobile marketing in promotion of business

13. mobile marketing
Mobile marketing is becoming a popular trend. With the increase of smartphone users, many firms are now advertising their products in the online platform for various users. It can help you to reach out to a large audience quite easily. Many firms are developing mobile friendly sites for easy accessibility to the users of such device. Similarly, people are also responding to such marketing trends as it ensures smooth navigation of commercial sites within short period of time. Many of them are now purchasing products using smartphones as it ensures easy selection of product and much safer online transactions.

Photography tips to assist in learning process

Photography has turned into a hobby and obsession among people irrespective of age and professional status. The approach depends from person to person based on understanding, passion and requirement. An effort to get the best possible shot never goes in vain. People keep learning through their mistakes and eventually get the perfect shot with right angles. Those involved in full time learning, part time pursuing and even plain enthusiasts can consider the below mentioned points:

Go through the basics thoroughly

Learning the basics is an extremely important step to progress on the right direction. Have an open mind and discuss the topic with experienced or professional photographers. The tips and suggestions provided by them helps in polishing the technicalities.

Enjoy the time and learning

One of the better ways to understand photography is to enjoy the learning. There would be always something or the other which misses out and it comes out in form of mistake. Thinking from a broader perspective will indicate opportunities which weren’t noticed earlier.

Make the most of free resources   

It is always good to make the most of free available resources. There are many website pages, personal blogs and pdf form learning tutorials. Many of these online resources are available free of cost. Those with a serious interest in photography can find good guidance.

Explore the camera settings

Every camera comes with a manual these days and reading it patiently will help in the long run. The mystery of different symbols and words would be eventually clear. Shooting the subject with multiple settings can help in understanding different aspects of photography.

Pursue it regularly and experiment

Have a target set on day to day basis to click different subjects. Regular practice helps the learner in remembering the basics and new things. Different settings and modes can be explored for casual and risk free experimentation.


The role of social networks in online promotion of a business

Promoting business in online can become more effective with the services of social networks. Social networks have now become an essential medium for effective online promotion of businesses. Many firms are using social networking sites to make their visibility prominent in the digital world before a large number of users. Now we shall highlight some of the advantages of social networks below:

  • Searching new consumers: Social networks allow the firms to reach before new customers quite easily. Based on the demands and requirements of these new customers firms can decide on the new products and services to be launched in the market. The way to draw new consumers is through declaring discounts for every new user who likes or follows the contents of the firms. Another option is providing new discount to users using the services of the firm on condition of joining its networking site permanently.
  • Easy communication: Social networks allow the firms to inform quickly to its new and existing customers regarding exclusive purchasing offers or advance information about new products or services to be available in the market soon. If any consumer has any query he can easily forward it through e-mail or post it in the site of the firm. This enables the firms to quickly respond and clarifies all the essential queries of the users. Social networks also allow the consumers to post comments after using its services and products. Similarly it also provides an opportunity to the firms to seek the opinion of the consumers while launching new products.
  • Minimal cost: There is no cost involve in using social networking sites as they are available for free. Besides, it also reduces the expenditure of advertising using traditional means like newspapers and television broadcasting.

Uses of social media platform for start-up businesses 

Social media is the latest obsession of the generation. It has a growing number of users in various age groups, professions, and companies. It helps in direct promotion of images, videos and contents. The presence of over 900 million users helps businesses in reaching their target audiences. Start-up businesses can use the platform for generating traffic to their site. It allows them to create a brand identity and build trust. With likes, share and comments, they are able to reach out to target audience and potential customers.

It is important for business to understand the functionality of the social networking sites. For example, Facebook is great platform for product and services promotion. The sharing of content, pictures and articles can multiply the number of customers very fast. There is Twitter, for sharing on a wide range of topics starting from gadgets to toys, clothes to groceries and books to water bottles. New product releases and stocks to be put on sale later can be promoted here.  Google Plus is another platform to build relationships with customers.

Blogging is also a very popular internet marketing strategy. It is a suitable way to spread news to the readers, client base and customers. With growing number of followers, it will turn out to be word of mouth publicity. YouTube is a very popular site browsed by millions on a daily basis to view their choice of videos. Placing ads can be a great way to ensure a primary income on periodic bases. Many videos flash in the search results which is a fruitful opportunity to bank on by start-up businesses.

Pinterest is a suitable social networking platform to showcase products and services visually. Make sure the products on sale via online channels are posted in Pinterest for a wider exposure and reach. With more posts on social media, the chances of meeting success tend to be higher.

Caroline’s Photography Love

I love photography.  I had this as a website before and I had a lot of photos.  I would like to use it this time around as a blog to share my skills and my ideas about photography.

Photography is amazing.

It’s all about LIGHTs and DARKs.

You need both to make a dynamic photograph and to grad the attention of your viewer….but grabbing attention of my viewer is not why I do photography.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know why I do photography.

There is something about the Arts that just oozes outta me.

I’m good at it.  I’ve always been good at it (even when I didn’t believe I was good …I was good……I can see that now).

I haven’t drawn or painted in YEARS.   I don’t know why.

Art came back into my life through photography.

I’m a visual person.  I just look at things differently than the rest of the world.

I analyze, emphasize, materialize….everythingEYES. (see what I did there?)

I was professionally trained in the Fine ARts but the amazing thing…I was always “better” (if there can be such a thing in art) than the people I trained with.  They all admired my work and professors of all types of disciplines tried to get me to take up their art form full time.

I’m dedicated.  I immerse myself.  It’s like breathing to me.  It just happens.

Someone asked me once why I like to cycle. I didn’t want to tell this guy that it was because he cycled and I wanted a little piece of what he had….that glow…that happiness that just exuded from him.

When I struggled to answer he said to me: “Maybe you cycle just because….”  and that’s a good enough answer.

With cycling…I had no idea what he was talking about…I had no clue how cycling was a part of my soul.  Don’t get me wrong, I like busting my butt physically…but it’s different than ART for me.  I have to put in effort to do exercise, climbing, kayaking all those things I’ve done and they do bring peace to me….AFTER I’ve finished and sometimes during but not nearly as much as ARt.

When I do Art…..It’s like I’m Free.   Somehow all the universe if in alignment and I have no care, no worries…nothing.  I just am.

Just like that cycling guy just “WAS”…just because when he cycled…….I am that way with ART. ..and I spend my time trying to figure out why all the time.   Why am I this way?

Perhaps what I need to do is start believing that I am suppose to be this way.  I don’t need to impress anyone (I never have tried to with art…it just happens)  and prove anything.  I don’t have to work that I’m smart or talented….ART is FIRST NATURE with me.  I’m a creative explosive device.

So this blog?

I’m exploring that.

Perhaps I don’t need to know why I am this way but rather JUST DO (like Nike says) and JUST BE who I am and the rest will fall into place.

I have one life…why do I run from me?

Till next time —Caroline

SEO for dummies

Building organic traffic is the hardest work you’ll ever put in to your own website. With that said, it’s also the best investment of effort and time it is possible to make.

In the days of Google AdWords and Facebook promoted places, the instantaneous gratification of shelling out a couple of bucks for immediate traffic is highly appealing. But it’s unsustainable.

Organic traffic means the content you put on your own site will drive next year, next month, traffic tomorrow, and probably even several years from now. That is why it is worth the attempt. You don’t see that kind of ROI from paid traffic.

In regards to getting more organic traffic there are methods that are good and there are better ways. Additionally, there are some downright terrible means which should be prevented at any cost. If you are willing to set the work in and improve your traffic that is organic the best manner, all these will be the things you need to start doing:

Create Good Contents

Creating content for the sake of producing content, because you heard publishing regular articles is great for SEO, won’t get you quite far. It fact it could even cause plenty of harm to your reputation.
Your site is a representation of your company. In lots of cases it is the initial impression an expected customer may have of your company.

Everybody wishes to rank for all those comprehensive two or three word key phrases due to the fact that they have a tendency to get high search volumes. The problem with one of these essential phrases that are wide-ranging is they are exceptionally competitive. Competitive unless you allocate months of your time and effort to it, that you might not stand an opportunity of ranking for them. Instead of spending your time going after something that may not even be attainable, go after the long-tail key phrases.

For example, if you are an SEO service do not bother attempting to rank for the term “Search Engine Optimization agency.” However, you are most like will never beat the big competitors that already rank for this term. Narrow it. Be more special by like the place you serve. For example: “SEO service in Albuquerque NM”.

You can get even more certain by narrowing it down to customer base. Can there be a specific group of clients you often serve? Strive including that in your long-tail phrase that is essential. That is a key phrase you’re a lot more likely to rank for. Not to mention it’ll also attract manner more targeted, organic traffic when compared to a comprehensive key phrase like “SEO bureau.”

Write Consistently

Try not to get overly caught up in what studies that are certain will tell you’re the very best days and times to print a blog post. Simply try to be consistent.

Plan for once a week at minimum. If you can write contents more than once a week, the better your chances for ranking. However, if you are running a small business at exactly the same time it’s not easy to print more regularly than that without hiring writers.

Search engines like google adore frequently updated websites. But more significant than that, users do. A website that’s updated tells users you’re intent on providing for them to invest their time, good content, which makes it.

Upgrades that are consistent keep people coming back, which keeps them linking to it sharing your content, and telling others about it. These are all signs that help boost traffic that is organic.

Guest Blog For Traffic, Not Search Engine Optimization

However, guest blogging for traffic continues to be an incredibly feasible strategy.
It also has got the value of the traffic that comes from being printed on a high page ranking site. That said, there are some best practices to remember when client posting:

— Plan for important websites with high quality content and traffic amounts that are adequate.

— Guest blog on sites within your own market. Guest posting on a popular sites means little if you are not reaching your ideal audience.

— Boost your guest posts as you would with your own posts. This reveals the other web site you truly value the ability to post on their site

— Check back often and respond to opinions. Replying to remarks is a great strategy to get that relationship started.

Here are a few strategies for avoiding those punishments:

— Don’t assemble low-cost links.

— Don’t ever pay for inbound links.

— Don’t use exact-match anchor text.

— Do Not publish content that is purloined, scraped, or low quality.

— Do release amazing content that is helpful to users.

Effective Social Media Strategies

Smaller budgets and fewer workers, small businesses should have a strategy set up so that they can succeed. Jeremy Juhasz, a social networking strategist said that small businesses can find as much achievement as big corporations do.

In regards to social websites Juhasz said, small businesses must recall in order to get success, the five P’s:

Strategy: Create a record of things you would like to perform before getting started.

Patience: Nothing occurs overnight. It does take a while to come up with relationships and build credibility by means of your market as well as your brand. A steady speed will win out. Racing leads to errors. The kind of patience I am referring to is a long term mindset. Carrying through, understand that each day constructs to the higher target, when day to day tasks appear arduous.

Continuity: You have to be stubbornly dedicated to your strategy as well as your aims. Knowing the strategy is an excellent one, change and do not panic just because you are not finding effects as fast as you’d like. Be consistent in tracking whether you are achieving the goals that can take you for your target as well as in executing your strategy.

Pay where it is possible to, if you’re able to. The outcomes provides the spark you need to improve your current visibility to your own intended audience or to drive a particular effort. In addition, it can be an extremely affordable option to other marketing alternatives that are digital.

Prioritize: Time management is crucial in regards to social websites. In case your advertising staff includes just a couple of individuals, it is critical that you stay at the the very top of your social networking strategy by prioritizing your daily, monthly, weekly and quarterly targets and targets. Small businesses confront innumerable day-to-day challenges that are new. Occasionally we lose track of what is most significant. Make an effort to identify those jobs which are vital for your success and also make two people a priority.

Develop brand presence and power – Supplying advice to educate customers about your goods in the formats and media types they favor can go quite a distance towards establishing the sort of buzz that results in new company. By promotion, I mean marketing on social networking websites.

You can surely run each of the customer surveys you would like, but a number of the best and progressive market research are available inside the societal communities wherever your customers interact, share info and also make recommendations. Tapping to the flows of dialog is an excellent beginning to involvement and societal involvement along with your brand.

Drive traffic for advertising revenue versions – Being a power user of several societal communities includes consistently giving quality content, rewarding those who vote favorably on that content in addition to growing a large base followers. That base of likeminded connections can function as a powerful distribution channel for unique and intriguing content which drives traffic to advertising supported websites that host the content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way to build leads and increase sales. Although it serves as an excellent tool for small-scale businesses, it is a long term advertising action. Not one you’ll find effects from overnight. It requires a good-planned system and continual attempt, but it nearly always worth the attempt.

Here are four fundamental yet powerful steps you have to take so as to get started doing email marketing.

Striking people from several angles with no complete strategy and damage your brand is an ingredient of sure disaster. Step one you ought to do is research to find out tips on how to blend your online efforts with offline list building attempts, and where your target audience is hanging out and the way to reach them using a message which makes signing up to your list a no brainer.

A great email marketing service gives an intuitive dashboard that provides you with access to such attributes from one spot. The alternatives out there may be overwhelming when you are just beginning to compare email marketing services. You can find countless several different price points and attributes. The best method to figure out which are much less significant (and what characteristics are must haves) is to look at some strategies that are popular and develop your own personal top attributes list. The content below is a terrific spot to begin.

Apart from these e-mail etiquette rules, however, there are a few serious rules to stick to. It is possible to also read what you really must understand as a little company owner.Develop a Strategy to increase. When you have the framework on your list in position, including an idea of who you’re targeting, a promotion service set up and prepared to pull in leads, plus a strong comprehension of e-mail rules and regulations, then you are able to begin making your list.

There really are several ways that you can grow your e-mail list. Once you make it, you will have a way to grow your list in a steady speed, although it might require some trial and error to get the right combination of actions.

The most effective thing when it comes to email marketing is to be consistent in the manner in which you ask people to sign up, the kinds of messages and the way you protect your subscribers’ addresses. Slow and steady wins the race particularly when you do it efficiently and develop a long term method for connecting with your target-audience, in regards to list building.