Uses of social media platform for start-up businesses 

Social media is the latest obsession of the generation. It has a growing number of users in various age groups, professions, and companies. It helps in direct promotion of images, videos and contents. The presence of over 900 million users helps businesses in reaching their target audiences. Start-up businesses can use the platform for generating […]

Caroline’s Photography Love

I love photography.  I had this as a website before and I had a lot of photos.  I would like to use it this time around as a blog to share my skills and my ideas about photography. Photography is amazing. It’s all about LIGHTs and DARKs. You need both to make a dynamic photograph […]

Internet marketing strategies for succesful businesses

Internet marketing has become a popular marketing strategy used by most businesses large and small alike. It involves the use of tools and resources provided by digital media to establish an online presence. Basically, businesses use internet resources to reach out to a wider market and inform them about their services and products. Internet marketing […]