Selling Your Startup Idea to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors


Scouting for prospective angel investors and venture capitalists who’ll take the initiative to invest in your startup has always been harrowing and it is getting harder with every passing day. However, the emergence of new platforms and technologies have smoothened the entire process of seeking funds to a considerable extent. Presently, not only are there innumerable modes of getting a startup off the ground but also different means to source adequate funding for the same.

There used to be a time when investors born with a golden spoon in their mouths used to rule the roost in the venture capital realm. Eventually, smart businesspeople that made their money by cutting their teeth in the cutthroat commercial world demonstrated sufficient willingness to fund new-age innovators and entrepreneurs at the earlier stages. And the realm of venture capital now has become more eclectic with the advent of crowdfunding platforms thereby adding a new layer or dimension to startup financing.