Uses of social media platform for start-up businesses 

Social media is the latest obsession of the generation. It has a growing number of users in various age groups, professions, and companies. It helps in direct promotion of images, videos and contents. The presence of over 900 million users helps businesses in reaching their target audiences. Start-up businesses can use the platform for generating traffic to their site. It allows them to create a brand identity and build trust. With likes, share and comments, they are able to reach out to target audience and potential customers.

It is important for business to understand the functionality of the social networking sites. For example, Facebook is great platform for product and services promotion. The sharing of content, pictures and articles can multiply the number of customers very fast. There is Twitter, for sharing on a wide range of topics starting from gadgets to toys, clothes to groceries and books to water bottles. New product releases and stocks to be put on sale later can be promoted here.  Google Plus is another platform to build relationships with customers.

Blogging is also a very popular internet marketing strategy. It is a suitable way to spread news to the readers, client base and customers. With growing number of followers, it will turn out to be word of mouth publicity. YouTube is a very popular site browsed by millions on a daily basis to view their choice of videos. Placing ads can be a great way to ensure a primary income on periodic bases. Many videos flash in the search results which is a fruitful opportunity to bank on by start-up businesses.

Pinterest is a suitable social networking platform to showcase products and services visually. Make sure the products on sale via online channels are posted in Pinterest for a wider exposure and reach. With more posts on social media, the chances of meeting success tend to be higher.