Where to buy new radios for classic cars and trucks

Are you a classic car enthusiast like me?  I love to restore old vehicles.  This can be a very expensive yet rewarding hobby.   One of the most important parts of restoring a used vehicle in my humble opinion is the radio!  I would recommend checking this site out.

What is a classic car or truck without jamming some oldies or whatever kind of music you enjoy listening to.  I stumbled upon a great website called  They offer many different brands of radios.  From Ken Harrison, Retrosound, Custom Autosound, and Antique Automobile Radio.

Vintage Car Radio

These radios look like the original but have today’s technology.  You are able to do CD, iPod, bluetooth, cassette, etc.  To go along with the radios they also have speakers and antennas as well.  Or they can even convert your original radio if you feel like getting that fixed.

They also sell seatbelts, noise suppressors, exterior/interior lighting, and much more.

There is a slogan that is true also.  They will beat any advertised price.  There are competing websites out there that sell similar products but always has it for the best price.

Click  for the link for more information.

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